Айза Анохина сделала пластику ягодиц The star admitted that she decided on some operations. According to ISA Anokhina, she decided to bring her looks to perfection, and therefore resorted to surgery. Yesterday morning, the celebrity went to the clinic, where it was engaged specialist.

Businesswoman Svetlana Anokhina decided to improve the appearance. A few days ago she hinted that she plans to do liposuction of the arms. Then many of the followers tried to dissuade the woman from having this procedure. Anokhin however, was unmoved, as claimed that from a young age dreamed of slim forearms. On the eve of Anokhin came to the clinic in the suburbs, where she underwent a serious operation.

According to some, in addition to liposuction, it is drained the fat from the stomach and resorted to Heliconia buttocks. Apparently, the doctor allowed celebrities to do all procedures in one visit to the clinic. ISA has recovered and restored.

“It’s my lifelong dream, I’ve been worried about this and finally decided to fix the flaws of my body! Yes, I do have problems that do not give me sleep. I believe that, if possible, they need to fix,” said ISA in a conversation with journalists.

We will remind, earlier Anokhin in paints has described, how it is difficult to reconcile with the fact that she has a powerful forearm. “I’m so tired every night to imagine how I mentally cut myself hated the thick arm. Want something to do for yourself,” said the celebrity.

A woman actively watches her figure and tries to follow a proper diet. That is why she was able to quickly regain the weight that she had before the birth. However, despite these efforts, ISA was not able to achieve the perfect shape of the buttocks. When the star lost weight heavily, they lost volume. That’s why she turned to a specialist for plastics.

“Especially since my surgeon Seymour Aliyev is a genius. I watched him work, everything is perfect, so I’m not even scared!” – told the ISA Life.ru.

A few months after the baby is born Anokhin could not return to the sport. “I was sick, dizzy, and I was ready to accept the fact that the rest of your life will remain flabby fat and antisexual, and with fries it was a shame to leave. Of course, I am very far from ideal! But understanding that you were involved and already I see changes, brings great pleasure!” – shared emotions a mother of two children.