Ирсон Кудикова резко сбросила вес The graduate of “factory of stars” told “StarHit”, which helped her to regain harmony. Irson Kudikova lost 15 pounds. Despite a striking result, it does not intend to stop there.

      Ирсон Кудикова резко сбросила вес

      Singer Irson Kudikova participated in the fifth season of the popular project “star Factory”. The girl was remembered to spectators not only soulful voice, but also playing the saxophone – the artist is not once accompanied himself during his speech. However, after such a bright start on the stage Irson began to devote more time to business and family. Some time ago Kudikova stopped flickering at social events. Today she decided to visit the opening of one of the capital’s restaurants. The guests noted that the actress has visibly lost weight. Irson said “StarHit” the secret of her phenomenal weight loss.

      “I don’t even know what happened, honestly. Just change your social circle, the people around me appeared very athletic. Changed eating, even the attitude to life in General. First, I stopped eating after eight PM, now I try to have supper not later than six. And so somewhere for three months gone 15 pounds. All around notice it and say that I very quickly lost weight and look good. But I think it wasn’t rapid weight loss, but on the contrary, even a slow,” – said Kudikova.

      Despite this result, Irson does not intend to stop there. She admitted that she wants to lose another few pounds to be completely happy with her figure. She told me that she gained weight during her third pregnancy and since then could not go back to the previous form. Irson has two sons – Alexander and Andrew, and daughter, Alla. The actress said that the heirs have come to appreciate its transformation.

      “Of course, for children mother is always beautiful, but they noticed I lost weight. I constantly spend time sports and are accustomed to it sons and a daughter. Together we do horseback riding, and they visit various sections – figure skating, tennis, basketball,” admitted Kudikova.

      The actress also said that is preparing many surprises for their fans. Soon she will delight fans with new compositions.

      “We just recorded a Duo with Nikita Malinin. Will also release a solo song, dance, I really like it. And still waiting for all joint song with Snoop Dogg”, – said the graduate of “factory of stars”.