Nikita Dzhigurda for the first six months saw the kids

Никита Джигурда впервые за полгода увидел детей The showman will welcome a birthday with my son and daughter in France. 27 Mar man turns 56 years old. According to Nikita Dzhigurda, for him, intolerable separation from the heirs, and he counted the days until I can re-embrace them.

      Никита Джигурда впервые за полгода увидел детей

      Last week, Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina officially ceased to be husband and wife – March 17, the court satisfied the claim of athletes. The actor could save the marriage, it turns out, Nikita Dzhigurda gave the chance to remain her husband. But that Nikita had come to trial, the lawyer then Marina took the statement. However, the showman, decided otherwise. The fact that soon he will take part in the filming of the porn film on the classic novel by Ivan Barkov “Luka Mudischev”.

      Nikita Dzhigurda broke the silence after a divorce

      “I’m happy with the fact and the ability to keep the family together, but knowing their creative, shocking (apart from the mass consciousness) plans have not allowed myself to use the nobility of adore me women, so as not to expose her! And I for nine years had burned its Holy to me – Marie abundantly!” says Dzhigurda “StarHit”.
      Никита Джигурда впервые за полгода увидел детей

      Next week Nikita will be 56 years old. For the first time in six months, he saw his children – son Micah-Angelo-Krista and daughter Eva-Vlad, who now live with her mother in Paris.

      “Marina gave me permission to celebrate a birthday, the international Day of theatre, March 27, in France, together with her and our small gods, which I really missed for six months of separation, continues Nikita. I love Anisina not tikovoi, szukalski love, as well as, alas, few can accommodate, without higher special education in the field of philosophy, esoteric psychology, or of not having an open, forgiving even enemies of the heart. I am a happy boy, because I know exactly what the love of a great woman, mother of my divine children, – a unique Russian Jewish – Marina Anisina those, Dornbaum!”

      To the question, is it possible that in the future Dzhigurda and Anisina again become one family, the showman answered: “I allow, and expect and desire.”