Ирина Цывина госпитализирована с травмой головы The actress couldn’t get to the press conference that you organized. The Zybina hit his head and lost consciousness. The actress was taken away by “ambulance”, it represented the interests of the lawyer and new lover.

In the press center of the information Agency “national News Service” held a conference in the matter of honoured artist of Russia Irina Zybina, the widow of actor Eugene Evstigneeva. The woman was involved in a property scandal. The fourth son of her late husband Alexander Blagonravova wants to take away from the Actresses of half the property, which was given to her by Evstigneeva. And this is three apartments and a house. Six months Irina fought with the stepson over the estate. Earlier Blagonravov, Jr. offered the world, and the artist agreed to give one fourth part, of the order of 13 million rubles, and the total cost of all the inheritance, and about 50 millionov. The night before, the stepson refused the conditions.

The actress has decided to gather journalists and the public to expose the stepson, however, did not come to the conference. Irina hit her head and lost consciousness. In the hospital the Zybina was taken away by “ambulance”. In the end, to questions of mass media representatives answered a new beloved actress Denis Serdyukov and lawyer Yulia Verbitskaya.

“We give stepson Irina Konstantinovna ten days for reflection, to change his decision, or the actress will unveil the secret materials which are known to Alexander Blagonravov, Jr., and which would entail unpleasant consequences. But what kind of secret documents – don’t even know,” – said Serdyukov.

According to the lawyer, the decision stepson was a surprise for the actress. Verbitskaya said that her client intends to fight to the end. “But what it will demand in court – don’t know yet, will decide”, – said the lawyer. All meeting Zybina will be held behind closed doors in the hall of the Tver court.

We will remind, after the death of Eugene Evstigneeva Irina Zybina was married several times. Fourth husband of actress Alexander Blagonravov passed away in February of last year. The man had a son, Alexander. Heir is trying to get their share of the property. The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva suing relatives because of the inheritance

“I claim the part that belonged to the father, that is a quarter,” said the man.

Alexander Blagonravov, Jr. is trying to sue even that is owned by Irina, a house in the suburbs. Shelter got her after marriage with Evgeny Evstigneev. However, the man says that huge amounts of money in the property invested is his father.

“Those two apartments they owned, surrendered, and the money went into the family budget. Do not understand why the hysteria about it. For the 14-15-th years according to the information of the salary of the father accounted for 420 thousand rubles per month. They say he’s the firm was lost. He lost, was sold to the Germans and went to work at another firm, where he worked until the end of his days,” said Blagonravov on one of the talk shows. Stepson of the widow of the public Prosecutor declined to decide the question of the inheritance without court

According to the materials of the TV channel “360”.