Потерявшая мужа светская львица Виктория Демидова закрутила новый роман New elect women actively discussed in the Network. In a recent photo shoot, footage of which spread around the Internet, Victoria embraced the muscular man Sergey Boytsov.
Потерявшая мужа светская львица Виктория Демидова закрутила новый роман

Some time ago in the Instagram of model and actor Sergey Boytsov has pictures with Victoria Demidova. Young people spend time in Bali, where they filmed in a hot photoshoot. Slender vetch and uploaded Sergey pose in front of waterfalls. Pictures of fitness models in the company of a young man caused a heated debate on the Network. In November of last year, Demidov lost her husband, who was then devoted a lot of posts on the page in Instagram. Many believe that Vick too quickly found solace in the arms of a sexy macho.

Network users subscribed to popular blogger, came also to the page of the guy. “The visit of Sergei, where was the video with their kiss, left a comment his mother and wrote that happy for them”, “I think that it is no better PR than this. Moreover, neither Sergey, nor Victoria do not need it. But! Life goes on and it is perfect when there support: a friend or loved is not important. You before you judge, think about how painful and difficult is to survive”, “Output then you can make one: dragged all this dirt for many years, and the whole idyll with her husband was for show. Inside everything was rotten for a long time”, – shared his opinions in the comments Demidova.

However, Sergei was quick to refute such speculation and said that actually connects him with Victoria.

“In fact, she went to Bali for filming. This photo shoot will be published in a magazine. I don’t understand why we suspected in the novel. In fact, she didn’t come here alone, it just turns out that the published pictures. We are good friends, communicate for the past five years. We participated in various photo shoots, so long work together. I understand that some have made conclusions based on frames, and now discuss this subject, but I hasten to warn and prevent unnecessary rumors – we are not bound by a loving relationship,” – said the Fighters “StarHit”.

The Creator of fitness apps refutes the news about the affair with Sergei. Indeed, some spiteful critics have said that Vic is almost poisoned her husband to be with a young guy.

Потерявшая мужа светская львица Виктория Демидова закрутила новый роман

Sergey Boytsov has closed comments to the picture with Vic and the number of posts and all were deleted. He prefers to share bright shots of your beautiful body without clothes and beautiful views in Bali.

By the way, recently saw him in the company of another woman, Tatyana Gusevoj. The darling of Prokhor Chaliapin caught while kissing with Sergei at the athletic club. According to eyewitnesses, during the whole training Fighters did not hide his passion for the girl and she answered him in return. They had a rather ambiguous relationship. Previously, Sergey was seen in the company of other famous ladies. The bride of Prokhor Chaliapin is cheating on him with a fitness trainer