Irina Temicheva admitted that in 12 years of doing plastic surgery

Ирина Темичева призналась, что в 12 лет делала пластическую операцию
The star of the show “Girls, don’t give up” on STS has repeatedly exposed himself “mad experiments” for the sake of beauty.

Photo: photo from the personal archive of Irina Temicheva

That not only made Irina for his dream to become an actress! In
youth, starting to gain weight, tried different diets and exposed her
health at risk. Week for dark chocolate, her weight has not decreased, but led to an acne
and stomach problems. The “model” way to get rid of the extra pounds
using diuretic pills caused weakness and dizziness… through trial and
error it came to harmony. Fell in love with running in the morning, swimming, baths
and winter swimming (regularly pours ice water). Many years ago refused
from meat, and now “slows down” himself, not daring to go on a raw food diet (more
one infallible way to lose weight).

She likes the current weight – 45 kg with height 167 cm, suits as
leather – actress over 30, but she did not have to turn to cosmetologists for help. She is sure,
that work helps to look perfect. And only once she did not
managed to handle itself. “As a kid, my ears stuck out to the sides. I tried
cover them with your hair down, but then there are two distinct tubercles,
she said. — At school I was called big ears , I was very complexed. Aithalas
tighten the ears to the tape on the night to tighten them with a scarf in the hope that they will straighten up…
Useless. And therefore started to persuade my parents to take me to surgery
correction of the ears. I was afraid of scary! But then felt totally
happy. Now I could go to school, grabbing her hair in a high ponytail,
to open and to show everyone your ears…”

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