The successor to Harrison Ford told of a horrific drama in his family

Преемник Харрисона Форда рассказал об ужасающей драме в его семье
New Han Solo managed to cope with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Преемник Харрисона Форда рассказал об ужасающей драме в его семье

Alden Ehrenreich in “Star wars”


28-year-old actor Alden
Ehrenreich, who was honored to change
the Harrison Ford in his famous roles — the brave captain of the spaceship of Han Solo, coped with this
task. At least so says Sam Ford. “Alden just gorgeous. It
understood perfectly and did everything as it should be. I just could not be more
happy with the result!” said Harrison saw on preview new
movie “Han Solo. Star wars. History.”

To get
this role Ehrenreich had to do the impossible. Alden, who had no chance
become a celebrity by the beginning of the trial, managed to get around 1600
competitors in the race for the role of a young Han Solo. It is curious that an experienced Director
Ron Howard, who directed the film, too, was pleased with Americom. Movie about the adventures
a young Han Solo, the domestic audience will be able to see very soon — in the end

On the way to newfound
popularity Alden had to overcome the consequences of terrible family
tragedy. When Renraku was only 8 years old, right before his eyes, suffering from schizophrenia uncle
the boy stabbed with a kitchen knife his brother Mark, the father of the future actor. The wounded bled to death
before the scene of the tragedy arrived “fast”. Uncle, the murderer was sent to life
compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital. Little Alden helped to cope with the consequences of the syndrome
post-traumatic stress, his wise mother.

Harrison Ford in “Star wars”