Irina Shayk went for the first walk with my daughter

Ирина Шейк отправилась на первую прогулку с дочкой The mannequin got into the lens paparazzi. Photographers captured Irina Shayk during a hike on Venice beach in California. A young mother tried to remain unnoticed, dressed in black clothes and his eyes closed behind the glasses sunglasses.

      Ирина Шейк отправилась на первую прогулку с дочкой

      Recently it became known that 31-year-old Irina Shayk and 42-year-old Bradley Cooper became parents. The couple gave birth to a charming girl called Lea de Shane Shake Cooper. About two weeks model and actor haven’t heard about the new addition to the family, fearing the increased attention of the public. Irina Shayk gave birth to first child

      American paparazzi managed to capture stellar family during the first walk with the heiress on the beach Venice beach, California. A young mother tried to remain unnoticed. Irina dressed in a black dress, eyes hidden behind glasses sunglasses. However, such a plain outfit didn’t helped the Sheik to avoid the attention of. Judging from the picture, the model has not yet regained the old thin waist.

      According to foreign tabloids, the couple slowly pushing a stroller with his little daughter along the waterfront. Witnesses said that during a walk to Bradley and Irina stopped at a kiosk to buy ice cream.

      By the way, yesterday Shayk is back on the social network. The model decided to congratulate a friend, 45-year-old Edward Enninful, with the appointment to the post of chief editor of the British glossy magazines. For the first time in a hundred years the magazine was headed by a man. In turn, fans the models began to leave the wishes of a young mother and her baby in the comments to this post.

      “Congratulations, baby’s health”, “we Wish you a speedy recovery, the child’s health and your family harmony, love and peace!”, “Girl! Yay! Will be as beautiful as Mama,” “All the best to your child!” wrote the followers of the star of the podium.

      According to friends, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, celebrities are very fond of each other. “They want a few more children. Both families and Irina, and Bradley, very happy for them,” reported sources close to the star parents edition of the E!News.

      Shake never hid that wants to become a mother. According to star of the catwalk, Bradley is the man she was ready to start a family.

      “I don’t think there is a perfect time to have children. In my opinion, you first need to meet the perfect person for you. My sister gave birth at age 22, it was the perfect age. I will soon be 31, so maybe this is the perfect age for me. Now I’m happy. I was very lucky, I have everything I want” — told Irina in an interview.