Sasha Project my fiance before the wedding

Саша Project рассталась с женихом накануне свадьбы The actress shared the personal experiences. According to Sasha Project, they paired it was a misunderstanding. Fans have supported the singer in a difficult situation, and encouraged to hope for the best.

      A few months ago it became known that the popular singer Sasha Project is going to get married. The actress tried not to brag about her lover, hiding his face from prying eyes. But the star happily demonstrated the options in wedding dresses. Fans did not hide that he is very excited because Sasha had a reliable person ready to connect his life.

      However, a few hours ago, the singer left a sad post on his microblog. The actress posted a black and white picture in wedding dress in the signature which hinted at a breakup with her fiance.

      “The illusion dissipated, everything was a Mirage. I went to this illusive happiness, dreaming, happy, but it was all trite, empty and bitter! Scratch, jealousy divides, destroys, people lose their eyesight! They do not see anything around, deaf or just don’t want to hear, or maybe this is part of my profession: to be around people and be alone?” asked Sasha Project.

      Fans of stars of the 2000s could not believe her words. “Just haven’t found, darling, my man”, “Nobody wants to torture themselves, knowing that the woman is gorgeous and in show business, and it can lead. Men have become very insecure”, “Sasha, you’re beautiful, talented, kind, will meet you more my Prince”, “I Hope, make up. Generally before the wedding, usually a quarrel until the breakup”, “don’t be sad! As corny as it sounds, if a person opened such parties, it is well that now and not later”, – wrote the singer’s followers.

      Recall that Sasha had to undergo many tests over the last few years. The artist literally re-learning how to live after several plastic surgeries, which were conducted by unqualified professionals. Thanks to the support of her family, she managed to recover and get back on stage. Last year, the singer met with a new lover.

      Sasha Project: “the Father of my children abandoned us”

      “Good people do not remain alone. My man is not a public person, so I don’t try much to talk about it”, said Sasha “StarHit”.

      Apparently, the relationship with the singer and her lover have not been tested, faced by many couples. Probably beloved stars have restricted the freedom of the artist, and also didn’t understand her lifestyle.