Irina Shayk shocking photos without makeup

Ирина Шейк шокировала фотографией без макияжа
The supermodel looks like without makeup even better than “paint”.

Irina Shayk

Photo: Instagram

While on vacation, the 32-year-old Irina Shayk willingly
shares photos in which she is depicted without a gram of makeup. Amazing
but not a ton of professional makeup that is applied to it during
numerous shows and filming, no sleepless nights young moms not
have a negative impact on the face of a supermodel. Many of her colleagues are also not
too shy to show his “true” face, but they complain
skin imperfections: wrinkles, blemishes and pigment. In contrast, the Shake
looks (and shamelessly, right in the morning!), like Cleopatra after complex
procedures. Fresh, rested and radiant. Fans of Irina, with whom she
shares photos from vacation, appreciated her “natural” portraits
and came to the conclusion that without makeup, the model looks even better than him.

Like many Western celebrities, Irina more than others care appreciate natural coconut oil. It gives the face
the lights, well it moisturizes and protects from infections. Besides, every morning
model showers with cold water, wipe the face with ice and practicing
cucumber mask. “I learned this trick from my mom: she had no money to
to buy expensive cream, so she was treated with “improvised” tools,” says Shake.

For the release of Irina selects the natural
images: underlined eyebrows, bronzer and intense bodily lip gloss.
Occasionally Shake puts the emphasis on eyes: smoky eyes in brown tones perfectly
combined with skin tone and eye shade model.