After the trial, Dana Borisova spoke about the father of her daughter

После суда Дана Борисова высказалась про отца своей дочери
At the next meeting, again, was not made a final decision about custody of 10-year-old Polina.

Photo: Instagram

For almost a year, beating Lou Ferrigno for the right to regularly communicate with his daughter. During treatment presenter addictions of her daughter Polina, which this year will be 11 years old, was with his father, businessman Maxim Aksenov. According to This, earlier the man was not particularly involved in the upbringing of the child, however, is now her only guardian. After her return from the hospital, the girl refused to communicate with her mother. Borisov claims that Pauline set up against her. By the way, for a permanent guardianship Borisova at the moment, not counting.

“I want to determine the order of our meetings with her daughter,” — said Borisov to journalists after today’s meeting in court.

To the question about his former civil wife Dana replied that he was “no gentleman”, alluding to the fact that he was unflattering about her, the mother of your child, and tries to prove her failure as a mother.

“I tortured and even cried a little, — said Borisov emotions after the trial. The court moved again, now to April 23. From tricks: Max is brought in as evidence thumbed edition of the newspaper last year with some vulgar article, which the judge refused to submit as evidence. Me this is not funny and tired of the terrible.”

The star also told fans the good news, she paid the Deposit and got the keys from new three-room apartment.

“Polina there will be a spacious room!” — happy Dana.

This property presenter bought with the money raised from the sale of her old “kopeck piece” in a luxury complex. Now the house she chose is not as “cool”, but it is in a good area.