Ирина Шейк феноменально похудела в рекордные сроки
31-year-old model looks like she didn’t give birth.

Irina Shayk

Photo: Instagram

Irina Shayk has wowed the fans of photography,
where she is depicted in elegant white lingerie. 31-year-old
mannequin, in March for the first time became a mom, in the picture it looks like her
the body was not fat! Irina showed the perfect abs and
trained legs. It seems that even before birth the Shake weighed more than now. When
this model loves to talk about the fact that it does not recognize diet. Perhaps the secret of her
weight loss that, despite the status as a global superstar, she very rarely uses
Babysitting and actively engaged in the child herself. In addition, Irina now
is on vacation and a lot of floats, from which dialed the weight loss itself.

Recall, resting Shake along with her
fiance Bradley Cooper in Tahiti. The last time was for them
both fairly tight: they even saw each other not too often. Cooper worked
on the project “a Star is born”, which starred Lady Gaga. What
for Bradley, he not only played in this movie the main role, but also performed
the duties of the Director. Besides, he himself recorded songs for the film. What
as for Irina, which in March of this year made
in the light of his first child — a daughter, Leah de Sien, it is not only
devotes much time to her baby girl. Irina has managed to get back to work.
Recently Shake
took part in a photo session for the advertising campaign of the Italian
brand Blurmarine. Moreover, the images in spectacular outfits, which she
shared with the fans, was admired by fans of Irina.

One of the members of the company who went to Tahiti together with Irina and her
loved, shared photos with guests. They Irina, who looks
just fine, and also Bradley with friends, sunbathing, swimming and ride
a yacht off the coast of Tahiti. And she Shayk posted pictures of a wonderful sea
the scenery from the island.