Ирина Дубцова трогательно поздравила экс-возлюбленного
The singer was intrigued by a joint tender photo of Leonid Rudenko.

Irina Dubtsova and Leonid Rudenko

Photo: Instagram

Irina Dubtsova has intrigued fans,
posting a photo where she poses with her ex-boyfriend
Leonid Rudenko. In the photo Irina gently kisses DJ. “Happy birthday, Bunny!”
— congratulated the star for a former lover.

This photo has caused excitement among fans
Irina. “You made up? You back together? Hooray, finally a quarrel over!” —
they said.

However, to the disappointment
fans, Ira is not in love with Leonidas. She is really reconciled with him,
but now artists have not romance, but friendship. It happened in
working on a new clip. Although the project in its
time splitting a pair, this time the project became the reason why they forget about past differences. Recall that acquainted many years ago, singer and DJ for the first time
did not think to have a romantic relationship. Gradually, however, the friendship between them grew into a novel. Fans
the singer then suggested that Dubcova finally found happiness. After all
she even introduced Rudenko with his son Artem. It seemed that the story of their
Roman confidently led them in the direction of the Registrar, but it was different.
About a year later they broke up. Evil tongues asserted, then, that the quarrel
between Irina and Leonid sprung from their collaboration. DJ allegedly not
performed in front of her some obligations. However, Dubtsova then did not
to advertise the official reasons for the gap.