Жена Виторгана прокомментировала ограбление их дома в Юрмале
In a building with a security and alarm system was able to reach the attackers.

Emmanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Emmanuel Vitorgan could not even imagine how frustrating
a surprise waiting for him when he gets back from celebrating a mini-anniversary “Vitorgan-club”
in Jurmala. While popular actor and his wife Irina with their friends having fun
celebrated the fifth anniversary of the prestigious institutions, criminals broke into their house and learned valuable things. Returning home late in the night
the couple discovered that the mansion was visited by uninvited guests. Irina and Emmanuil
incredibly frustrated by the fact that in the modern world is not important, do you serve
art or saving people, anyone can become a victim of hackers.

“Before such was not, — complains Irina. Once the actor was
untouchable. That’s all changed. Bitter. We arrived in Jurmala with a good mission.
It is a pity that someone did not understand. Touch the house people’s artist of Russia Emmanuil
Vitorgan is beyond. Tonight we celebrated 5 years “Vitorgan-club” in
Latvia. Favorite in Jurmala… We live at the street Theatre. Maybe these bad people will understand
whose house they dared to climb? And they will be ashamed of? We just killed the very fact
robbery. It’s not even that we suffered financially… Although it took all
jewelry. They were few, but they were collected for a lifetime”.

According to Irina, the alarm did not work, as in the house day
worked as assistant, all doors were open. Apparently, in the moment when
the housekeeper was out in the yard, and was an audacious crime.