Victoria Bonia surprised envy Russian women

Виктория Боня удивляется зависти русских женщин
Victoria Bonia is an active user of the Internet, on her microblog in Instagram signed a large number of users.

Виктория Боня удивляется зависти русских женщин

Bonya often publishes new photos from his personal life, but not all of the pictures were commended for its subscribers. The star is quite often the criticism flows, many speak negatively about her appearance.

“I noticed that foreigners always write comments with a plus sign, while our compatriots mostly just “Fuca”. Envy, write to you, but it seems to me that this is something more. In this case, “watched” in my life absolutely everything, from the wives of the oligarchs and other ladies…

Remind me in everything, even the pimple on the forehead, while others simply do not notice it… Why in our country has become customary to throw mud at compatriots and praise all but their own? And what I bone in the throat stand for?”, – surprised Bonia.

Fans decided to appease Victoria and said that just many young girls envy the beautiful external data stars.

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