Ирина Шейк сделала макияж Урганту

The model also admitted the broadcaster, why is the tin foil hat.

The next season of “Evening Urganta” was launched with world znamenitosti as a guest. In the Studio came the star of fashion magazines and catwalks irresistible Irina Shayk. For live girl chose sexy translucent dress, fitting her slender body, with a deep neckline. Ivan Urgant did not fail to compliment our great compatriot.

“You look as usual. As usual well,” began the conversation by the presenter. After a couple of rescue issues Ivan decided to find out the truth about the personal life of the model. However, she was adamant about their relationship with Bradley Cooper to talk flatly refused. As a former chosen one Cristiano Ronaldo. Even a small performance, played by Ivan with the help of cut out cardboard figures of Bradley and Cristiano was not able to talk to Irina.

Realizing that to continue the pointless interrogation, the stars have moved on to other topics. Talking about the film “Hercules”, where Irina has played a small but significant role, a leading asked why Shayk wears a tin foil hat. Recall that in the summer, the paparazzi caught the model in an unusual form: she sunbathed by the pool with a sheet of foil on the head. “Someone suggested that I use it to communicate with the space, – said Irina. — I actually went to a Spa in Italy. This is a hair mask, and in order for it to better absorb into the skin, I instead of a plastic cap put on the head foil”. Shayk shared another secret of its appeal. According to the girl, in new York, she regularly attends Russian bath, where hires an attendant with a broom. Irina also told that is actively involved in JIU-jitsu as cardio and self-defense. Shake even showed Urgant choke. Judging from the tense face of Ivan, Irina owns great. However, this torture of the presenter is not over. Under the heading “Cover me if you can” Shake made Urgant makeup blindfolded. The result of her work, she shared on the social network page.