Irina Muravyova is losing weight for children

Ирина Муравьева худеет ради детей Star of Russian cinema decided to get rid of extra pounds, and this helps the nutritionist. Irina Vadimovna stresses that children don’t make her lose weight, but proper nutrition helps the artist feel more comfortable. Her experience, the actress plans to share it with many relatives.
Ирина Муравьева худеет ради детей

The icon of the Soviet cinema Irina Muraveva has never concealed that by nature inclined to corpulence. The woman has always kept himself in shape, because the actress needs to look on the screen and in real life flawlessly. Now Irina Vadimovna is going to sit on a specially made for her diet. According to the star, this will help her not only to restore the former harmony, but also to overcome other difficulties.

“I have many relatives, cousins and second cousins. I then will tell you how to lose weight, but first of all experiencing,” said the actress in an interview.
Ирина Муравьева худеет ради детей

The last three years have been for Irina Vadimovna was extremely difficult: she grieved the death of a spouse. The star was married to Director Leonid Adlina more than 40 years. Recall, the Soviet Director has died at age 77 from a stroke. According to Muravyova, weight loss will become a way of dealing with stress.

“We need to stay in this question. To rebuild their lives and live in peace, like all people,” said the actress in an interview.

Now she devotes all free time to the sons and their children. “My grandson is very smart, nice, educated. He’s 11 years old, studying the physico-mathematical Lyceum”, – says Irina Vadimovna.

Together with Leonid Adlina, Muraviev brought up two children. The sons of the stars of the Soviet screen has been increased, also devoted his life to the stage and the cinema . Senior Daniel studied at the actors Studio in Paris, and the younger Eugene graduated from producer faculty of GITIS. However, the heirs of famous parents has not yet reached the same heights in the profession. Irina Vadimovna emphasizes that the relatives supported her during a difficult period of life and help to cope with grief.

The son of Irina Muravyova lost restaurant business

“My sons tell me I need to lose weight. What child will tell mom that he had something in it you don’t like” – continues to tell Muraviev.

Star emphasizes that it would adhere to the model of healthy eating, and won’t torture yourself with starvation. However, according to nutritionist, will be sufficient to 68-year-old actress came in perfect shape.