Rustam Solntseva controversial blogger Lena Miro: “it is simply not enough sex”

Рустам Солнцево скандальном блогере Лене Миро: «Ей просто не хватает секса» The showman spoke to the colleagues that offended the stars of the reality show. Rustam Solntsev rushed to defend friends and “walked” on Miro. The man is sure that she’s not too good only because did not take place in life.
Рустам Солнцево скандальном блогере Лене Миро: «Ей просто не хватает секса»

Leading events Rustam Solntsev well known in show business the ability to give the exact specifications to make fun of the peers. To please fans of his sense of humor, more recently, sun started the blog category “Mamadorogaya” in which every week speaks the truth about the stars who had the misfortune to get to it. This time the object of ridicule Rustam became famous on the Internet blogger Elena Miro, popular revelatory and poignant posts address celebrities. Miro is not just “pass” Ksenia Borodina, Ksenia Sobchak, Daria Pynzar and other bright representatives of the secular parties. Rustam could not leave without attention attempts to insult his friends and decided to fight back scandalous Miro.

“Honey, I have realized that the “Dom-2” is the bottom – began his address to the Lena sun. – But you’re better than the show? You also Rugova and quarrelsome, dress up even worse than they are… What are some of your shorts at PiSu… I have realized that Borodina Buzova and in your version – done for women, but note that one writes popular tracks, tearing the charts and the other the mother of two beautiful daughters. What about you? You have nothing about yourself don’t tell…

Рустам Солнцево скандальном блогере Лене Миро: «Ей просто не хватает секса»Rumor has it that you live with some lethargic pensioner, but I’m just saying… in General, if a young woman is beautiful in life sex, it will never throw at others and to be kind and sweet, will be all love in the end. But, I repeat, if her life is a qualitative sex, and if he himself, then a woman is that we are seeing looking at you. But of course I do not allude to that… Love you honey!”

Also, Rustam said he did not share the regular attacks Miro for owners of overweight. “Ladies “over 50 lbs” she calls pigs, – says Rustam. – Yes, I agree that the young toned body is beautiful. But do not forget that don’t always cause excess weight in a person are his raids on the refrigerator, sometimes to lose weight interfere with raging hormones or other health problems. Besides, it seems to me, to discuss someone else’s appearance – it is bad form, especially when you’re not Princess Diana…”