Irina Krug refused to divorce her husband

Ирина Круг отказалась от развода с мужем The artist was able to reconcile the contradictions in the family. Irina Krug admits that she and her husband were on the verge of breaking up. However, for the sake of love and a shared past that they forgot about the existing wrongs.
Ирина Круг отказалась от развода с мужем

Irina Krug and Sergey Belousov for 13 years are considered to be the perfect couple. The couple try to spend all their time together, not tired to confess each other’s feelings.

However, in January 2018 Irina said that thinking of divorce. The couple at an impasse, and so the separation seemed inevitable. Fans were shocked by the news and refused to name the true reasons for the breakdown of the family.

Now, the star said that they are with Sergei managed to avoid a breakup. According to the artist, they sincerely want to keep the family.

“The moment we fought a lot. Still, 13 years together is a long time. It was very difficult. But we all recovered. During the year, both realized that you can’t have one without the other. I need his support, and he is mine. But it was very difficult. Not my fault. I have relationships with all the men was good. I am very easy in everyday life. If something in family relations occurred through the fault of my men,” – shared the Circle in a recent interview.

Also the star said that after the death of the first spouse, the famous singer Michael Circle, she had to confide in someone. Irina felt incredibly alone, and only support Sergei helped her out of a protracted depression.

Now the relations of the spouses is not in danger. Moreover, recently the Circle and Belousov together rested in the UAE.

“We were vacationing in Dubai, because I really love this resort. I was able to finally be with the kids. I’m always on the road, we often separate. Thank God, we have my mom and mom’s husband. They help us a lot. In this respect, we have a happy family. At any moment we come to each other for help,” said the singer.

Despite a busy touring schedule, Irina tries to pay attention to her husband and children. She recently shared a photo of the eldest son of Alexander. Fans immediately came to the conclusion that 16-year-old boy is surprisingly similar to his father, Mikhail Circle.

The actress stressed that the most important thing in life are children and a husband. “I’m a girl very soft in nature. Don’t like to walk, to go somewhere. In this respect I am quite a home person. For my family,” shared the star.

In an interview with “Sobesednik” the Circle said that it is difficult for her to be away from home on tour, to leave her husband and children. However, the young woman can not imagine life without creativity and scene.