Muceniece about reconciliation with Priluchny: “We can’t live without each other”

Муцениеце о примирении с Прилучным: «Мы не можем жить друг без друга» The actress spoke about the current situation. Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny talked about the fact that now their relationship has reached a crisis. However, now they are trying to do everything to save the marriage.
Муцениеце о примирении с Прилучным: «Мы не можем жить друг без друга»

Last week Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny decided to dispel the speculation about their alleged Sora. As it turned out, fans were not so far from the truth – the actress has confirmed that currently she and her husband have a crisis in the relationship. Later, however, some members decided that such statements celebrity couple has decided to stir interest in his own person and the conflict is nothing more than an excuse for fans to talk about them. As it turned out, such arguments hurt her, so she hurried to stop such talk.

“First, if someone of you decided that we put marriage and relationships on pause for the sake of PR, feel free to unsubscribe from us! We do nothing, especially if we are talking about our relationship, not doing for the sake of cheap PR!” – said the actress.

Also muceniece said that she and Paul are looking for ways to reconciliation and solving disputes. She admitted that it is not easy, but the main thing is to keep the family together. Moreover, they grow two children – Timothy and MIA.

“Second, we realized one thing – we can do everything, but can’t live without each other. Therefore, despite all our internal differences, we will look for ways! We with Paul, however, very different people, but we most likely crabs who have found each other forever! And yet, all who love each other, you know, the most important thing – to talk!” – shared thought Agatha.

Fans were pleased to see that Agatha and Paul decided to meet each other. They hope that artists will be able to reconcile and save the marriage. For many their relationship was an example of a strong artistic families. They met on the set of the TV series “Closed school”. In 2011, they were married, but not so pompous – they did not organize pompous celebrations and to invite huge number of guests and press.

Over time, however, muceniece Priluchny and become more open to the public – the actress regularly writes blogs about everyday life. She also regularly keeps in touch with followers on a microblog.