Irina Honda: “Proskurina don’t touch! I was with him like a dog on a chain — the throat of any claw”.

Ирина Хонда: «Проскурина не трогайте! Я при нем как собака на цепи — глотку любому перегрызу».
Wife of people’s artist gave a Frank interview to “Caravan of stories”.

Ирина Хонда: «Проскурина не трогайте! Я при нем как собака на цепи — глотку любому перегрызу».

I took on the responsibilities of not only his wife, but the Director husband. During the six months of our acquaintance has made five TV shows with his participation and a solo performance “Life — luck in the maze”

Photo: Persona Stars

Both love to dress up. Before going into the light would spend hours sorting through the outfits. “Honda, you’ll wear it!” — “Let today in the same shoes!”

Photo: archive of I. Honda

Victor Irina Proskurina Honda I’m sure she and her husband found each other. The lovers got married eight years ago, but Irina says that their marriage can be compared to
twenty years of relationship, so intense, vivid and memorable
those years were.

exclusive interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories” the fifth wife of people’s artist
told about how the proposed Proskurina marrying myself, about the difficult
the period when he had left in the bout, and how together they cope with
alcohol dependence Proskurina. She shared and what is happening
now in the lives of their families.

“A few years ago Proskurin snapped in the bout. Can
without hesitation, offhand name at least five famous artists,
who have the same problems with alcohol, which was then
my husband. Bring them to the shooting in an ambulance, put in a frame, and then
again taken on a drip. But they allowed, and Proskurina denounces
entire Internet: “Drink!” Says Victor: “a Sick lion
and the donkey kick. Which lasted two years binge period was a test for us
and verification. In the end, I was right: Proskurin stood on
feet, came to, stopped drinking and live past experiences…. I listen to
it and realize that in the few “drunk”, who, it would seem,
you need to considered lost, he has become deeper, wiser and flawless.
I call him Socrates and the Master.” The full interview with Irina you can read here.