Ирина Дубцова заинтриговала обручальным кольцом The star showed on the page in a social network with the decoration. On the frame hand Irina Dubtsova male holds the brush on the ring finger which also sparkles with the ring. Thus, the singer hinted she’s getting married.

      Ирина Дубцова заинтриговала обручальным кольцом

      Popular singer Irina Dubtsova has intrigued fans with a new picture in Instagram. The star posted the picture, where members were able to consider male and female hands. On each ring finger adorned with wedding rings. The artist signed the picture, “I agree.” Apparently, Irina has received a marriage proposal.

      However, it later emerged that the singer’s wearing on the set of one show. Leading the project decided to marry enviable bride Irina, and she said Yes.

      Dubtsova has admitted that it is very would once again like to meet a man who you can trust, and who will understand her perfectly. “I am 34 years old and finding a companion is hard. Peers or older men, usually married. I have had men younger than me, but it came to no avail. After all my previous novels I know for sure: I need a partnership,” said the singer in an interview.

      To meet a life partner, Irina even created a profile on a Dating site. At first the woman was afraid to chat with men online, but then I realized that a lot of intellectually developed members of the opposite sex. According to star, on dates with these friends, she’s never been.

      Recall that Dubtsova was married to the lead singer of “Plazma” Roman Chernitsyn. The singer and musician was able to live in the status of the spouses, only four years after that their marriage disintegrated. Roman and Irina a son Artem. Despite the divorce, the former husband and wife can easily communicate often go along with the heir to walk around the city. Recently, a decade of the heir couple spent a few days with Roman in Alushta. Artem really likes to learn something new in the company of his father.

      Speaking about the breakup with Chernitsyn, Dubtsova always said that it happened all by itself. “If the relationship is becoming obsolete, is love, why harass each other? Love lives three years, and then it is art, to maintain a high relationship, help them, take them gently in his arms and transform into something more” prisnilas Irina in an interview.