Nikolay’s wife Lyudmila Karachentseva Polina changed her image

Жена Николая Караченцева Людмила Поргина резко сменила имидж People’s artist approved the work of the stylists on the image of the couple. Nikolay Karachentsov has personally evaluated the result of transformation Ludmilla Parginos in the program “Fashion verdict” on the First channel.

      Жена Николая Караченцева Людмила Поргина резко сменила имидж

      Nikolai Karachentsov and Lyudmila Porgina were married more than forty years ago. The couple have been together through fire, water and copper pipes. A terrible accident in which people’s artist came in 2005, shared the family’s life into “before” and “after”. To recover her beloved man helped Lyudmila. The most important thing was to bring up her husband, that’s why she is not thinking about yourself.

      Nikolai Karachentsov celebrated the anniversary in “Lenkom”

      Now in the life of Parginos it’s time to lift your mood and update your wardrobe. Stylists of the First channel offered its assistance in the transformation of the honoured artist. Lyudmila, accompanied by Nicholas Karachentseva and two grandchildren went to the program “Fashion verdict”.

      The heroine of the show star of theatre and film proved to be difficult. She had to listen to criticism of the fashion experts on their own wardrobe. Colleagues of the actress too expressed his opinion.

      Жена Николая Караченцева Людмила Поргина резко сменила имидж

      “She may be, lacks such sophistication, elegance. It is, of course, shocking, bright, but it is necessary to see what her insides, what kind of personal principle, which nature is powerful. Her not in some kind of framework to introduce fencing. She is the volcano inner so if something is to alter it, it is necessary to reckon with this volcano. It is impossible to tame! If you succeed, I will be very happy,” said colleague and friend Parginos, honored artist Lyubov Matyushina.

      Once inside the room stylists, Karachentseva wife had no idea what a surprise awaits her. Professionals fancied up with hair and makeup stars, but also picked up for her bright and fashionable clothes.

      Жена Николая Караченцева Людмила Поргина резко сменила имидж

      When Lyudmila came to the podium, the hall gasped. Nikolai Petrovich followed closely the course of the program, and seeing the beloved happy and transfigured, he could not hold back tears of joy. People’s artist said that he really likes, and he kissed his wife and tell her you love her.

      Жена Николая Караченцева Людмила Поргина резко сменила имидж

      At the end of the program Porgina favored outfits that she picked up stylists, and also thanked the entire team of “Fashion sentence” for new positive emotions. She admitted that is unlikely to be able to sleep tonight because there will be to admire your new clothes. According to the results of the audience voting, these toilets went to the actress, because hall chose them unanimously.