Ирина Дубцова откровенно рассказала о причинах потери веса
The singer admitted that her figure is strongly influenced by hormones.

Irina Dubtsova on Maldivian beach

Photo: Instagram

Recently fans have noticed that Irina Dubtsova lost a lot of weight. Discussion in the Network about the rapidly of weight loss so “get it” singer that she decided to talk about what is causing spikes in its weight. It turns out that the cause is not the sport and balanced diet, and hormonal drugs that have to make the singer every spring.

“For several years I suffer from terrible allergies, — said Irina. — All people who, like me, are struggling with this disease, know that cupping the need to take powerful hormones. And to start therapy to advance. In the Central strip of Russia, in which we live, a bad time for Allergy sufferers is April-may. At this time, I always try to go somewhere closer to the equator. I do this with my son, who is suffering exactly the same as I do. With regard to the figures, it is no secret that because of hormonal preparations weight is steadily increasing. Therefore, during therapy I am much better, and as soon as I finish taking the pills, the weight goes. I already do a healthy lifestyle: do sport, eat 5 times a day so kilos during treatment, go away. I want to appeal to everyone: get away from me and my figure! I hope that the most interesting thing about me is my creativity. And if you like my songs, who cares how much I weigh?!”

The other day Irina came back from an unscheduled vacation, spent together with mom and son in the Maldives.

“We suddenly fell on 6 days off and we decided to go to the sea,” says Dubtsova. — In Moscow was horrible weather, and we wanted to warm up. We went back and came to Moscow with heat. Soon there will be hot, I promise!” (Smiles).

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