Эмбер Херд спасает имущество с помощью полиции
Wife Depp voluntarily waived the spousal alimony.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Fotodom.ru

police Department of Los Angeles received an alarm signal. Outfit
guardians of order called amber heard.

It all began
with the fact that the house where she lives currently, and in which
order of the court, it is strictly forbidden to approach johnny Depp, a car drove up. From
it got a lot of company friends of the actor, who, taking advantage of his
key, unceremoniously broke into the mansion. Then they began to pass out
at home things. It was a flagrant violation of the injunction, according to which
Depp, who is accused of beating caused his wife, had the right to take only
their clothes and personal items.

Most Amber
at this time the house was not, however, a servant promptly contacted Hurd, and the
the police were called. The guards prevented the export of property that is yet
to divide in the divorce process. And making sure that friends Depp
went back to the office.

the hearing, to be held this Friday, Depp will have
to explain more about this incident. Incidentally, according to
pals johnny, and so he is now very nervous, because seriously fears
cross-examination, which it has to undergo.

As for heard, she yesterday took a bold step officially refused marital child support that is requested initially. Amber explained that she doesn’t like the fact that her trying to put “hunting” for money today, at that time, as she, according to her statement, just want to seek justice.

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