Ирина Дубцова похудела из-за болезни Last week, the singer was vacationing in the Maldives, where she posted gorgeous pictures in a swimsuit. Fans of star noticed that Dubcova lost a lot of weight. The singer explained that her weight jumps because of the pill, so sometimes it is gaining weight.

      Ирина Дубцова похудела из-за болезни

      Universal admiration was excited by the pictures of Irina Dubtsova, Maldives. On them the singer appeared before fans of slim and tanned. Subscribers to its microblog noted as Irina are open bikini and how much has changed her figure. Hot photo of emaciated Dubtsova created a furor in the Network. The star took the compliment, but decided to explain to people who wonder her jumps in weight that this happens due to the disease.

      Dubtsova suffers from seasonal allergies, which is exacerbated in April and may. This disease has caused the cancellation of one of the concerts in Belarus this spring. During attacks Irina was disturbed breathing and speaking function, as well as pursued a serious cough. According to the artist, in order to avoid attack, it was necessary to take powerful hormones. Because of these drugs inevitably starts gaining weight.

      “During therapy I am much better, and as soon as I finish taking the pills, the weight goes. I already do a healthy lifestyle: do sport, eat 5 times a day so kilos during treatment, they leave themselves,” explained Irina.

      The last couple of weeks fans daily praise the slender body of Irene. By the way, earlier Dubcova repeatedly accused that she uses photoshop to make your forms more sophisticated. The actress was unpleasant, such comments of users in social networks.

      “I want to appeal to everyone: get away from me and my figure! I hope that the most interesting thing about me is my creativity. And if you like my songs, who cares how much I weigh?!”, noted Dubtsova in the comments 7days.ru.

      However, the singer has his own secrets that help always keep muscle tone. Irina is Boxing. According to her, exercise brings not only fun but also are a great way to get rid of the negative energy accumulated due to stress, which star sometimes encounters during tours. If Dubtsova no possibility to get in the Boxing ring, she is doing morning exercises and rasstayutsya.

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