Vlad Kadoni forced to do a rhinoplasty

Влад Кадони вынужден сделать ринопластику Former member of “House-2” decided on surgery to end agonizing headache. Due to a broken partition psychic suffers from migraine. But busy work does not allow Vlad kadoni to find time to go to the hospital.

      Влад Кадони вынужден сделать ринопластику

      Psychic and former member of “House-2” Vlad Kadoni a few months ago appealed appealed to Moscow to plastic surgeons for help. The magician’s deviated nasal septum, which causes severe headaches.

      “It was broken 15 years ago,” Vlad “StarHit”. – Me it didn’t really bother. Recently I began to have severe migraines. I was examined at the clinic. Professional doctors said problems due to partition. Sorry, need to break the nose. There its methods, I do not remember the details”.

      The operation was scheduled for the eighth of June. But tight work schedule and Vlad changed plans for rhinoplasty. Only a couple of months, former participant of “House-2” go to the hospital. As Kadono spends too much time at work as the host of the morning show on NTV and occasionally comes to telestroke, the main goal is to find a day off to make a long-awaited operation and rest a bit. Now the headaches of the psychic began to worsen increasingly. Especially unbearable pain haunts Kadono at night. The only salvation for the psychic becomes a strong painkiller.

      “I’m not going to hide the time of rhinoplasty, it’s no secret,” continued Vlad. – I’ll say I’ll live to go to the dressing after surgery. I do not see anything terrible. The health status of the people has this right.

      Despite the determination Kadono, doctors are trying to warn about the risk of surgery. The fact that summer is not the best time for surgical intervention. But Kadono, this fact does not stop.

      “The last time the pain become so unbearable that I need surgery and the sooner the better. I’ll wait for some minimum period. I don’t care to be honest, summer or not. When you Wake up at night, and you have a headache, and after I can’t sleep, then you drink the pain, but again I can’t sleep. And yet somehow fall asleep. But after a while again a headache. Need something to do”, – says Vlad.

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