Ирина Дубцова похудела из-за болезни

Singer Irina Dubtsova to fly noticeably changed. The actress lost weight, making it look fresh, easy and healthy. According to Dubtsova metamorphosis to its weight are directly related to allergies and the therapy that she goes to Allergy symptoms had not worsened: “during therapy I am much better, and as soon as I finish taking the pills, the weight goes. I already do a healthy lifestyle: do sport, eat 5 times a day so kilos during treatment, they leave themselves,” explained Irina.

It is worth noting that the attention of fans Dubtsova to her weight its sad, because the singer wants first of all they were interested in her work: “I want to appeal to everyone: get away from me and my figure! I hope that the most interesting thing about me is my creativity. And if you like my songs, who cares how much I weigh?!”

Recall that the Allergy was caught Dubcova on tour in Belarus. At a concert Irina seemed the audience drunk, because many people even left the concert hall, not wanting to watch “the inappropriate behavior of the artist”.

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