Fyodor Bondarchuk was included in the ranking sexiest men

Федор Бондарчук попал в рейтинг самых сексуальных мужчин

Became known the names of the 13 sexiest men of the country.

Admire them, dream about them and dreaming in dreams. A list of the sexiest men of the country was recently declared the publication Woman.ru.

In the list of most-includes 13 representatives of the stronger sex. They include actors, musicians, Directors, athletes, businessmen, politicians. Topped the list of desirable men to our wide and immense actor and Director Fyodor Bondarchuk. With him on Olympus was a football player Roman Shirokov, actor Vladimir Mashkov and Minister Mikhail Abyzov!

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Recall that a few months ago the whole country was discussing a different rating. This time the most promising bachelors of Russia. The star of the list was the famous actor and showman Alexei Vorobyov (read more HERE).

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