Ирина Безрукова ударила оскорбившего ее режиссера The actress admitted that faced with harassment from the Director, though only once. On the ambiguous hints in the address of Irina Bezrukova replied without hesitation, a slap in the face.
Ирина Безрукова ударила оскорбившего ее режиссера

In October 2017 the American movie star Ashley Judd said about sexual harassment by an influential producer Harvey Weinstein. One interview resulted in the recognition of dozens of Actresses who have reported such cases. Weinstein lost his job, his wife filed for divorce. And this story has provoked the emergence of “effect of Weinstein” – similar to accusations against other celebrities. In solidarity with all who have ever experienced sexual violence, American stars wearing black to the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”, which was recently held in Los Angeles.

In Russia the wave of recognitions has not come, Patriotic stars did not follow the example salacinski colleagues and did not tell about the harassment. Irina Bezrukova believes that it happened because in our country it is easier to relate to flirting, but outright obscene answer pretty quickly. Anyway, she behaves in that way. The actress admitted that her practice only once the Director has let herself in for.

“We have some special in this country: there are people, who can all be (alas!) and they use it as rebuke some kind of authority and power. In my practice there was only one case where the Director allowed himself the inappropriate hints to my address, and since I’m a direct person, he immediately got in the face. The error was found, the subject was closed,” said the actress.

The actress frankly said that he continued to work with the Director despite the incident. And she doesn’t believe all these American Actresses: “Just because it’s America. There’s a sideways glance, an awkward word can sue — not to mention simple human NERUHOMOSTI… Actress of the first echelon, with huge fees and opportunities, was afraid to say a word… it All looks like a well planned political action — and to whom and why it was needed, guess we’ll find out soon” she said PostaMagazine.

We will remind that earlier on the subject of sexual harassment by Directors and producers expressed Lyubov Tolkalina. For the phrase “harassment – that’s fine,” journalists torn out of context, the actress, ex-wife of Yegor Konchalovsky, condemned, and Tolkalina had been stated, explaining that “meant something quite different”.