Надя Михалкова впервые показала дочь Нино A young mother for the first time published a photo of daughter Nino. Nadia Mikhalkov, carefully guards his private life, has placed a temporary photo in the social network. Internet users decided that the dark-haired girl very similar to his father, the former husband of actress Director Rezo Gigineishvili.
Надя Михалкова впервые показала дочь Нино

The youngest daughter of the famous Director Nikita Mikhalkov, Nadia is an actress and a mother. In the summer of 2010 heiress loud the names of the married successful Director, already managed to declare itself on the Russian market, Georgian Rezo Gigineishvili. This fact only after some time became available to the public – young people carefully concealed their relationship. Less than a year, Rezo and Nadia became parents for the first time – may 21, 2011 was born their daughter Nino. For Gigineishvili she was the second child, the filmmaker grows a child from his first marriage with singer Anastasia Kochetkova. Now his daughter Mary is 11 years old.

Since then, as Rezo and Nadia declared themselves a couple, they appeared together everywhere, and in the fall of 2011, were married in Georgia – in a solemn ceremony in an unusual place. The ceremony was led by spiritual mentor, called for father John, the sacrament took place in the Cathedral of the convent of Bodbe in the romantic town of Kakheti – Sighnaghi, which many called the “city of love”. Two years later, Nadia and Rezo was born another child – a son, Ivan.

Надя Михалкова впервые показала дочь Нино

But no two kids, no wedding did not stop the spouses when they decide to leave. Official divorce Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili issued 23 Oct 2017. Since neither he nor she detailed comments about their relationship were not given.

Hope Mikhalkov filed for divorce

Everyone lives their lives, but apparently children are raised together…

Nadia and Rezo always refused to photo shoots with children, and on their pages in social networks have published photographs of children exclusively from the back.

But in Instagram, the so-called stories, where they post videos and photos only at night, there was still the image of a girl. Dark-haired, like Rezo, about six years old. Internet users were divided into two camps. Some decided that this was definitely the daughter of Mikhalkova and Nino Gigineishvili, others still doubt.