Почему новая жена Егора Кончаловского не может ужиться с его мамой Many in our country have to live with their parents, and even stars that do not experience problems with square feet. “StarHit” find out why celebrities share a shelter with their mothers.
Почему новая жена Егора Кончаловского не может ужиться с его мамой


Yegor Konchalovsky does not interfere in the relationship mom and new wife.

After her divorce from Love Tolkalina the Director moved to a country house where he lives with his beloved Mary, nine months ago gave him a son Timur. The spacious mansion was a place for mom Yegor actress Natalia Arinbasarova. In one wing for her self-contained apartments. Yegor Konchalovsky spoke about the future wedding with the chosen one

“She doesn’t like it when someone is looking, prefers a private life, admits Konchalovsky “StarHit”. The facilities are separately, so the household is not a problem. Love together to eat”.

“My mother is Kazakh, and in the East, eating is a very important event. So often we eat and delicious – she is an excellent cook. After the birth of a grandson, our house became known as the “Timur and his team” – mother of the soul in the kid hung the moon. I ceased to be a family attraction, somewhere to the side and are very happy, if I still get a little attention from women. With Mary, the mother also became friends, although it is not easy to find a common language with anyone. But in General, their relationship is none of my business”.


Mother Anita Tsoy plays her piano.

Почему новая жена Егора Кончаловского не может ужиться с его мамой

The singer built on a plot of two houses – mom’s and mother-in-law.

“Our parents are adults, says Anita “StarHit”. – They have established over many years, the world, their own customs, habits. But at the same time in old age moms and dads require care, because the forces are not the same as before. If you don’t understand in my family there will be conflicts. Fortunately, we live peacefully. In-law love play Korean cards Hato, mom loves for me to play the piano, watch programs about travels… To some household stuff philosophically, with patience and understanding. Well, mother-in-law wants the pan from place to place to move – Yes please, that light a wedge has not converged… Why would I want the person to indicate that he does not, after all, distasteful to him. And I my mom and mother-in-law loved and not hurt.”

Почему новая жена Егора Кончаловского не может ужиться с его мамой“We have to for their peace of mind even to make tweaks. New 2018 year my husband and I decided to celebrate at home with family, but my grandmother rebelled, saying what it is you have for us on vacation without flight? Although know deep down they are afraid to be alone… made a little cheat that Moscow was delayed on business, and not because of them.”


Tatiana lutaeva and Agnia Ditkovskite cook together.

Почему новая жена Егора Кончаловского не может ужиться с его мамой

According to the actress, saying that the two hosts do not place one in the kitchen, not about them.

“On the contrary, our agniey favorite pastime is to cook together, – says Tatiana “StarHit”. – Cook the soup, turn the meatballs… my daughter and treat each other with love and respect, never quarrel. More time for intellectual games: “Crocodile”, guessing words, “Town – country”. Often we are joined by the grandson of Fedor. He likes children’s educational Board game of “Alias”. And while away our evenings…”


Hmayak Hakobyan performs miracles in real life.

Почему новая жена Егора Кончаловского не может ужиться с его мамой

Leah Ivanovna illusionist living space divides the last five years. “She’s my dearest and most beloved one, admits Amayak “StarHit”. – But my offspring look at the relationship between fathers and children differently. Went abroad, I completely indifferent to them. Brother living in Moscow, and sister who settled in Israel, also do not talk… my Mom is almost deaf and blind so I am her last link with the outside world. I try to look my best. All you can do, even soup”.

“Prepare and monitor the cleanliness of the house not a burden. Understand that everyone there may come a day when no one will even a glass of water to apply. Therefore as tolerant of the situation and don’t fret over the daily routine. For example, I repeat the question at least five times, to get mom’s response…”