Irina Bezrukova spoke about her feelings for ex-husbands

Ирина Безрукова заговорила о чувствах к бывшим мужьям The star was the guest of the programme “One day”. Leading Sergey Mayorov know the artist, how it relates to your ex spouse and what moments of your life feels the happiest.
Ирина Безрукова заговорила о чувствах к бывшим мужьям

The theater and film actress Irina Bezrukova delights fans of beauty and talent. The woman became the guest of the programme “One day”. Presenter Sergey Mayorov asked a celebrity about her childhood, relationships with men and the tragedy that occurred with her son Andrew. Irina tried to openly talk about the events of his personal life.

Bezrukova grieved the loss of the heir. Andrew, born in her marriage with actor Igor Livanov, died suddenly two years ago. Star claims that from childhood he was a very wise boy and the best companion for her.

“The birth of my son is the happiest day of my life” – so says Irina.

The artist is not once claimed that the promised heir to be worthy of it. “It was an accident. He could live a long and happy life. He was a unique person,” says the star.

The relationship with the father of the child Irina does not like to remember. The actress was married to actor Igor Livanov 11 years, they were considered one of the beautiful, antique couples of the Russian show-business. However, in 2000, she met Sergei Bezrukov. Talking about love, the star said: “I think if people have not made some terrible mistakes, not destroyed themselves, then it should last indefinitely”. However, Sergey Mayorov caught the woman off guard by asking if she loved her first husband.

“This is sudden. Memories – Yes,” replied the doctor leading the program.

The woman has always taken the position that after marriage you need to take her husband’s name. When the actress broke up with Livanov and married a doctor, she changed her passport. She admits it was a mistake.

Irina Bezrukov explained why not changing the surname after the divorce

“I understand that should not be changed. When I took the name, the man had disappeared, which was known to the public. I had 25 roles, “Oscar”. I had to start from scratch, I’m all confused,” – said Bezrukov.

Despite parting ways with Sergei after 17 years of marriage, Irina was able to continue to work in the Provincial theatre, which they created with her husband. Says the star, they almost never cross at work.

“We are extremely rare. As it turns out. Sergey is incredibly busy, I go to play single play or comment on. We have a chance to meet not so big… we Have common cause, and there are people whom we have nurtured together. Not necessarily behave savagely against each other. I can’t say that I just, but I can handle it,” explained the actress.