Солист «На-На» купил дочери квартиру за 10 миллионов Vladimir Politov made a gift to his beloved heiress who’s gonna be graduating soon and will return to Moscow from abroad. On this occasion, the actor has splurged on accommodation, situated in an ecologically clean area. A man eagerly awaits the arrival of 17-year-old Alena.
Солист «На-На» купил дочери квартиру за 10 миллионов

The participant of group “on-On” Vladimir Politov said the good news. The artist makes a fixation of the newly acquired apartment, where going to move out of the city center at the end of this summer. Vladimir is looking forward to, as will live in Khimki and to breathe fresh air, so different from the atmosphere, which are used in the city. The musician told in the program NTV “You’re not gonna believe this!”.

According to Politova, in his mind there were several options. In the end, he decided to buy an apartment of 80 sqm, the Actor said that he had purchased the property which had cost him 10 million rubles in the beginning of this year. “Here no one lives, and have to pay. On heating takes approximately three-and-something thousand per month”, – complains Vladimir, removing the counters.

Солист «На-На» купил дочери квартиру за 10 миллионов

However, this is minor compared to the advantages of living in the suburbs. With two spacious balconies Politova offers gorgeous views of the surrounding area. In addition, Vladimir will be able to breathe fresh air and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

“I chose a long time and eventually settled on this place because it’s green neighborhood, quiet, no emissions, water next, the fishing. It remains only to buy a yacht, so you can no traffic jams to get to Moscow”, – joked the artist.

Currently, work on improvement of the dwellings of the popular party group in full swing. Vladimir consults with the designer choice of furniture, as well as spends time to buy flooring and Wallpaper. In the bedroom Politova is a TV in the wall, and the kitchen a man will place a microwave oven and a coffee machine. Special attention the artist pays the room 17-year-old daughter Alena. The musician says he’s going to buy for her a spacious sliding wardrobe and embed it into the wall.

During the conversation with journalists Politov said that he bought an apartment not for yourself, so much for heiress. The artist plans to live together with Alena until, until she turns 18. Soon the girl who ends up a private school abroad, come to the father. Previously, she lived with her mother Olga in Germany. Despite the fact that Vladimir broke up with the mother of the child, he continues to communicate with her.

“My ex-wife moved to Germany, daughter went with her because I’m always on the road. We have a great relationship, I’m friends with her husband and stay in their homes”, – said the worker of show business.