Irina Bezrukova ready for a new relationship

Ирина Безрукова готова к новым отношениям
The Frank recognition of the actress.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Spring mood touched and Irina Bezrukovoj. Editing
your profile in one of social networks, the actress has thought about why there is no
to indicate that it is ready for change in your personal life. “I wrote in the column “relations”,
I “unpaired” (free that is). Meager selection offered there. Why there
no “open to real, true, pure and great love”? With a note, “announce
casting, Alfonso please do not disturb” jokes Irene.

A year ago, Bezrukovoj was another answer to the question
whether in her life after her divorce to emerge a new man. “I need as
at least to meet “their man” — confessed the actress. — Problems out
married I never did. So it turned out that those men, whom I
loved me ask me to marry him. Sometimes I had offers the first day
Dating. Especially in youth, and I had to cool down too
persistent fans: “Stop! Sorry, but we did not even
familiar!” The item “marriage” is not my thing. Since my childhood I grew up with boys,
understand men, and they feel it. I know how to love, to care, to build
a long-term relationship, but still wanted to leave room for improvisation.
However, I don’t know. When in my life will be “my” man, I totally understand
I want to get married or not. Active participation and constant interest in me
give me pleasure, and men… With them I just prefer to be friends
because I can call myself today a happy man. And how and where it is
happiness will turn, only time will tell”.

Apparently, time once again to love and to be happy has come. Recently
Irina vacationing in Spain witnessed one scene that thrilled her. “Today
in the morning from the balcony of your room I saw a young man carrying a bouquet to his
friend. He was young and handsome, and wore it secretly. It was so touching and
well… I didn’t see Her, but drawing Her portrait. And sincerely happy for
the both of them. We are not always happy, unfortunately. But the universe does not sleep… for some reason
I want to believe that true Love will find me. So, The Universe?”