Exclusive! Kate Gordon married

Эксклюзив! Катя Гордон выходит замуж
TV presenter with her lover submitted the application to the Registrar.

Эксклюзив! Катя Гордон выходит замуж

Katya Gordon with her lover

Photo: Instagram

Poem Katie Gordon, dedicated to the beloved

Photo: Instagram

Fans of Cathy Gordon looking forward to photos favorite
star in a wedding dress. Today it became known that the wait is long. “We submitted the application to the Registrar, — said Katya Gordon
exclusive comments 7days.ru. — The exact date won’t tell you now, I’ll leave in

By the way, not so long ago Katya showed a loved one who is not
tired Declaration of love. “As you know, I married the first time — smiles Gordon. First
the marriage was successful from a human point of view and understanding, the second is Already…
I don’t remember. And now I’m just with someone you are not comparing, not analyzing —
he’s just a part of you. And every time, especially since I became independent
public man, my life was bursting women or tipologii who believed
possible to give advice to me or my close. They wanted to pry, climb
literally in bed… They are wildly pushing the toad, they were out of breath from our
smiles. But the most interesting thing was not in them, these gossips and
failed someone’s wives. As in the Male. I recently realized that in the right
respects, they are nothing, dust, a funny dwarf from the forgotten fairy tales. And here’s my advice:
don’t try to fight those who wish you harm. Just find someone
really will not care about gossip, he will surround you with love and care and
only regret, next were those who demanded explanations for every unkind gossip.”