Ирина Безрукова оставила послание скончавшемуся сыну The actress remembered about his beloved heir. Andrei Livanov died two years ago in his apartment. According to Irina Bezrukovoj, it is still very hard to accept the loss of a child. However, the woman promised to fulfill his last wish.

      The theater and film actress Irina Bezrukova remembered the heavy loss. The woman placed a post on the social network, which told how she had to learn to live without my son Andrew. Heir to the stars was not exactly two years ago. The young man died in the bathroom of his apartment. According to one version, he slipped, fell and smashed his head. His body was found, emergency workers, revealed the door of the home.

      “Today our with Andrew day. Only our. That day, two years ago, his soul decided that I must find the strength to live without him. We were together almost inseparable: 25 years, 3 months and 7 days, and nine months before… I was happy every day beside you. You failed never seriously did something to upset… never… My wise drew, you were the best of all companies for me… Very clean, bright and strong the love of my life, my teacher and guardian angel. You asked: “Mother, give me the love and joy in my life.” I try, I know you’ve always wanted. I want to be worthy of you, my love. And this day, it’s all ours,” wrote Irina by posting a picture with Andrew.

      Fans of Bezrukovoj supported the woman in such a difficult moment. The followers wished the actress patience and happiness, and also advised to fulfill the desire of the son: to be loved. “Very touching words… Irina, let all the good you will be!” “I can’t even imagine how scary it is! May God give you strength!”, “Ira, you are clever, hold on! Let all the bad will be behind you”, “You are very strong! To write these words really hurt!” noted users of the social network.

      Bezrukovoj was hard to accept that Andrew is no longer alive. He was the only son of the star. However, the woman managed to pull myself together.

      Irina Bezrukova: “In the new year I’ll be happy as I wanted my son”

      “Strive to instill in each day for more harmony, joy and love, and would like my son Andrew. I believe that to be happy is a conscious choice of the person. If you go back to the history of literature – people managed to be happy in the worst moments. Many, despite the difficulties and losses, it was possible to adequately transfer the blows of fate,” said “StarHit” Irina.