Naina Yeltsin regrets the errors in the education of daughters

Наина Ельцина сожалеет об ошибках в воспитании дочерей The widow of first Russian President rarely talks about the family members, but recently she made an exception and gave a Frank interview. Naina admitted that he still doubts whether it was to their heirs.

      Наина Ельцина сожалеет об ошибках в воспитании дочерей

      14 Mar Naina Yeltsin turned 85. Today the President of Russia Vladimir Putin awarded the woman of the order of St. Catherine. It is reported that Naina noted “for his great contribution to the realization of socially significant humanitarian programmes and active participation in charitable activities.”

      Recently the widow of Boris Yeltsin gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about parenting. “Thinking about the errors, I first of all think of times when our daughter was admitted to universities,” she shared. Naina says that still doesn’t know whether she did, not letting go of the eldest heiress Elena to study in another city. The woman was afraid that the girl will not survive while away from home. Although the Yeltsin immediately after high school left his native land. “I was the oldest child, I was ready to test,” she explains.

      The younger daughter, Tatyana Yeltsin was more categorical. She decided to pursue higher education in Moscow and entered the faculty of computational mathematics and Cybernetics. “I told her: “You’re crazy! Why do you need? I’ll never let go!”. She said: “I have been told that the exams in Sverdlovsk I will not!” – says Naina.

      During the conversation with journalists the woman admitted that she still reflects on how could change the lives of her daughters, if things had been different.

      “I think that I did the right thing, not giving Lena a chance to go where he wanted? At the moment when Tanya went to Moscow to take exams, she said to me: “That’s Tanya you let go, and wouldn’t let me go!” Who knows what would have been the life of Lena, if I let go? And what would have been the life of Tanya, if I wouldn’t let her? If something went wrong, the blame would have been me!” – shared Naina.

      According to the woman, Boris was always advised her not to interfere in the lives of daughters. “Here they will stuff himself cones, get a feel for this and other errors to do already.” – quoted Naina wife in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

      We also recall that on the eve on the First channel premiered the documentary film “Declaration of love”, dedicated to the widow of the first President of Russia Naina Yeltsin. The film tells about her relationship with Boris Nikolayevich. During an interview with correspondents of the TV channel Naina told about the brightest moments of marriage with a famous politician.