Ирина Агибалова: «Не все мои дети от одного мужа» The former star of “House-2” told “StarHit” the truth about the heirs. Irina Alexandrovna had to answer numerous accusations and excuses for the past. The woman said that at the time really was leaving wife for another man who got me pregnant.

      February 6 the first hearing, which was dealt with the conflict the famous “mam telestroke” Irina Agibalova and Tatiana Afrikanova. Irina filed a lawsuit in the case of defamation in mass to defend the honor of his family.

      In addition to the accusations about prison past and insults, Tatiana in their social networks announced information about what all the children colleagues in the project purportedly from different men. To undergo a DNA test, offered on a television program, the couple Agibalova refused, saying that they have no reason to distrust each other, but the lie detector is Irina still in the village.

      “I had to answer a lot of questions, even the ones which say unpleasant, but I answered everything honestly, – shares with “StarHit” the former participant of “House-2″. After a polygraph proved that I never lied, including issues about his daughters. However, for some reason about his son, neither he nor the presenter did not say anything, although I specifically reserved that my husband adopted Oleg. I do not hide it”.

      It turned out that at some period of his life, Irina was separated from her husband. “We Yura together since 1985. But once we parted ways, I left him for another man. Got pregnant, gave birth and have a child returned. Jura took me in and adopted Oleg”, – told mother of many children.

      However, this fact is the confrontation between the women does not stop – Agibalova plans to bring the case to the end and to punish the offender. According to her, the lawyer of Afrikantova not only asked Tatyana Vladimirovna to stay home and not to come to court, so as not to aggravate the situation, but also invited the other party to sign a settlement as a veiled apology from the defendant already was.

      As admitted by the plaintiff, such proceedings very bad impact on her health. “The night before court pressure had risen to 160, though my norm is 90 over 60. Doctors diagnosed a hypertensive crisis. Because of this, I couldn’t make this meeting, but I hope that soon this nightmare will end and I’ll feel better.” Agibalova about the scandal with Africanoboi: “She needs to be treated”