Victoria Bonia was detained at the airport of Los Angeles

Викторию Боню задержали в аэропорту Лос-Анджелеса TV presenter surprised the users of the Network move. The woman said that it happened in an American airport. In recognition of the stars, she absolutely was not ready to such turn of events. Fortunately for Bonnie, all ended well. About their experiences she told in Instagram.

      Victoria Bonia was in a bad situation. It turned out that when the TV presenter arrived in Los Angeles, she couldn’t leave the airport. She was detained by customs officials and taken to the area of additional inspection. Celebrity did not understand why she was detained and that they will check out. Airport workers have started to scan things Victoria because they suspected the espionage Boni.

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      Apparently, the media personality still shocked by what happened. She had thought that customs officers will be able to find any convenient excuse to not release from the airport. Victoria had stubbornly defended his honor, proving that she has nothing to do with what are talking service reps.

      “Instead of talking, in essence, the officer decided to talk about our President. Knowing my position, he went on to talk about the KGB. Then came another officer and asked me to go and wait in the sidelines. Then I was asked if I’m a secret intelligence agent. I laughed at the voice, taking the conversation as a joke, until I asked for the third time!” – shared celebrity.

      Victoria also told that the answers to the questions did not suit the customs officers, and workers began to examine the contents of her suitcase. The baggage presenter they found a business card of a company that deals with the issue of hidden video surveillance systems. “It was a hit! I thought I got burned and now they want to deport me,” recalls Bonya.

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      Celebrities still managed to make excuses. She showed accounts in social networks showed pictures and video with her participation, to the customs officials made sure what she does actually. Members were sympathetic to the story of the stars and tried to support her in a difficult situation. Many tried to cheer the celebrity, expressing the view that the customs officials just wanted a little longer to talk with the woman.

      “Yes, just you wanted to be, such beauty came to him,” “I think it was a joke, the KGB does not exist, just that they have not seen such a beautiful and interesting girl, that wanted to stay longer in your company!”, “It’s all due to the fact that you look like a James bond girl!” commented followers.

      Some members of the star began to reminisce about their experiences. It turned out that among users of the Network were those who had the same problem. The part could easily solve them by providing all possible documents, the other called a friend and asked them to confirm the necessary information. Victoria was enough to open your profile in Instagram, because on the page of the presenter signed by almost five million people. On top of that she started her channel, which posts a video with moments from his life.