Первая любовь Клары Лучко преследовала ее долгие годы
It first told her friend, actress Larissa Luzhina.

Photo: Mosfilm-info

It turns out that Clara Luchko life remember beautiful boy, for whom were ready for any madness.

“This story of youth, of which Clara Stepanovna sometimes
told me, — says Larisa Luzhina. — All her life she remembered the young man’s Glory, which
she liked what she even jumped with a parachute. If only
to attract his attention. And he did not appreciate… because Of the high growth
called her a Giraffe and she began to tease at school. Well then, with
this Glory of Clara’s life was constantly pushed. Once she is in Moscow
met when he studied at VGIK. Later in the film
“Carnival” she faced the grandson of Fame, which mom brought for
ad, Clara and the boy was given as a cine son. And so
all the time, it was like fate experienced it… Yet Luchko, after many
years, has not seen this Glory in the train, already aged. She was
amazed at how he has changed. And said, “Thank God that I had not

Novels outside of marriage Luchko never turns that this beautiful actress was a rarity.

“No one has ever bragged that he had an affair with Clara Luchko, continues Luzhin. —.I missed the first husband of Clara stepanovny, actor Sergey Lukyanov (Luchko was not yet forty years old when he died of a heart attack right in the Vakhtangov Theatre. — Approx. ed.). But I know that there was a lot of love. Now, if you revise “the Kuban Cossacks”, you will see that the hero Lukyanov, whose Dasha — a student, jealous of her just like her husband, and their shared scenes they play very soulful. They say the first of these was dissatisfied and didn’t understand why it turns out. Then I figured it out: Lukyanov just fell in love. And it was from the Director (also in love with Luchko) raging fits of jealousy. Such an incredible love story that they had with Sergei Lukyanov happen to be not many. I have a General impression that Luchko — monogamous”.

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