Ирина Агибалова травмировала колено Famous thelebanese very worried about their health. Irina Agibalova bad move and felt a sharp pain. The former participant “Houses-2” outraged by the attitude of doctors in this situation.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Irina Agibalova accidentally injured. Woman, as usual, was busy in the kitchen and badly turned. Irina heard a crunch and felt a sharp pain in the knee.

      “I thought a pinched nerve. Now I have poor blood circulation, the foot is cold and blue. My husband kneads the foot, to somehow the blood began to circulate,” said the “StarHit” telebasura.

      Irina immediately turned to the experts, however, were extremely dissatisfied with the attitude of doctors. When Agibalova arrived at the hospital, she couldn’t help, and only prescribed pain medicine. But most of all she was outraged that the doctors were unable to give her an accurate diagnosis. His resentment of modern medicine Irina splashed in the microblog.

      “The ambulance was grinding and shaking as the last time, pain was given just a slight move, and then had to just experience the torments of hell from the trip in the ambulance! Then another test! Had a long time to continue to endure excruciating sharp pain until processed some documents. What is it? Did not immediately provide medical assistance and then to paper? Just crazy! Then test number three! Attention! Doctor’s office-travmatologi! I barely made it on crutches to the couch and what do you think happened? The doctor, almost without looking, said “scoot Over (“you”) on a chair!” I said it hurts, but he continued to push hard until then, until I’m practically crawling is not moved in the chair. Only after that he started asking me questions about what happened. More more! How to be patients brought by ambulance, if they are not hospitalized? They have to do something themselves to get home. Fortunately, I took Margaret and me was always the son, and if a lonely man?” – are unable to contain a wave of indignation Agibalova.

      Despite the fact that the former participant “Houses-2” complains of sharp pain, she did not go to another clinic. As told Irina “StarHit”, her sister is a neurologist, so she hopes her expertise and assistance.