Александр Буйнов поделился пикантным фото The famous singer was filmed during the sex scenes. The picture shows Alexander Buinov sitting on the bed, and next to him lies a half-naked stranger in an erotic lingerie.

      Alexander Buinov continues to delight fans with their creativity. Despite recent health problems, the singer does not interrupt work activities. At the moment the favorite of millions working on a new clip.

      Alexander Buinov was in the hospital before the concert

      Alexander made his fans a lasting impression, posting a racy picture from the set. In the photo he is sitting on the edge of the bed where lies a charming stranger in an erotic lingerie.

      Saint-Petersburg. The second day of filming of the video-film for the song “a Hundred weeks”. Everything will be in color, I just love the black and white aesthetic. In this case, reminiscent of the old Italian tape, what do you think?” signed violent provocative photos, then publishing the same version, only in color.

      “Oh, how cool! What is that lovely creature in the back?”, “Yes, about Italy in the bullseye, “And I think in color it would be better and there is someone like that”, “You’re Antonio Banderas like”, “You have such a venerable grandfather, and all there. Black and white version, of course. Juicy”, “do Not know. And that, and that is good, because everywhere you are”, “And color than not worse, is also Italian. The main thing – well this is charisma,” disagreed the favorite of millions of fans.

      Of course, the fatal image Bujnov was created specifically for the video, which runs over the artist. In the life of Alexander is family-oriented. This year the singer celebrated thirty years of happy married life with his beloved wife Alena and admitted that the relationship in their family was never idyllic.

      “Once, when we had a fight to the death, I came up with this installation. Went to the “dog” store, I saw “sled” dog with the words “very pretty”, well, I think, for my at the time will be! Whinnying all morning! Made up, of course, wrote Alexander Buinov. – A photo of a Komsomol ticket. We’ve just met. 1986. French-kissing in the New year. Thirty years ago. Like yesterday…”

      Alexander Buinov told about the conflicts in the family

      Saw this touching post in the microblog artist, fans of Alexander Buynova began to praise him for his resourcefulness and ingenuity, as well as to congratulate the artist and his wife with a solid date. “Take care of your Horosco!”, “Lots and lots of happiness to you and your family”, “Good very pretty! Congratulations!”, – written by fans of Alexander Buynova.