Сати Казанова оправдалась за резкое высказывание о детях с ограниченными возможностями The father of a special child Danko reacted sharply to the words of the singer, which later had to apologize. Sati Kazanova spoke disparagingly about the disabled children, which was regretted.

      Sati Kazanova got in trouble because of careless words. During a press conference in Nalchik, without thinking about the consequences said the singer called children with disabilities “oblique, crooked”. Her speech was captured on camera and then posted online. Many Internet users deeply troubled artist said.

      Singer Danko on his page in “Facebook” published an angry message in which has sharply criticized a colleague. The fact that the artist has a daughter with disabilities, and he knows firsthand about such children. The contractor is deemed unacceptable to Tsatsa about kids who need help.

      Realizing their mistake, Casanova found the courage to admit his mistake. Moreover, she personally contacted Danko and brought him to apologize.

      “I’m sorry that it happened, and about people, children with any illness, I do not dare to be cynical or cruel to them! On the situation in the family of Alexander Danko, I learned just now, talking on the phone with him, I brought him to apologize. Sasha understood me. I’m a member of the Board of Trustees of two funds: with the disease cerebral palsy and rehabilitation of young people with disabilities. I see how hurt my parents, I see it only from the side, kind of work and test they are… I forgive Everyone, not wanting to have offended you!” – said Sati, in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Recall that the singer Danko fighting for the life of her daughter Agatha since she was born. Doctors put her diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Wife Natalia Danko suffered a difficult birth. According to experts, they have done everything possible. A show where the performer was remembering that terrible day on the eve of Easter 2014.

      “I went and cried because I realized I’m not going and standing. The house was blood on the floor that the bloody sheets. I started to get out, then went to the hospital, ” says Danko. – The doctor came out, the first thing he said to me, “Natasha, we saved a life”. I have dark eyes, semiconscious state. About the child said briefly: well, actually alive. I believe that if it were not a Holy day, chance and Natasha, and Agatha would be zero,” – said the father of the baby.