Irina Agibalova first showed the legs after liposuction

Ирина Агибалова впервые показала ноги после липосакции Thelebanese happy that she turned to professionals who fulfilled her dream now Irina Agibalova can abandon skirts and boldly demonstrate his body. Soon she will make the second correction.
Ирина Агибалова впервые показала ноги после липосакции

In September the main thelebanese of the country is planning to do a second surgery. We will remind that on June 15 the former participant of “House-2”, mother Margarita and Olga Agibalova, Irina had liposuction of the legs. According to the woman, her operation was shown as the body fat put pressure on the blood vessels, the lymph is not working properly, resulting in having terrible swelling. Recently Irina Agibalova first demonstrated the result after surgery. Star posted a new picture in Instagram where she is in a dress just below the knee. The woman still wears a compression garment, but even three weeks after the operation a marked effect of calf decreased significantly in size.

“But the swelling is still not completely gone, I feel well, – has shared with “StarHit” Agibalov. – Went to the doctor Svetlana Gagarina. She said that the result even better than expected. Was advised to do manual lymphatic drainage massage and sports. Planning to buy a bike and ride”.
Ирина Агибалова впервые показала ноги после липосакции

A few years ago ex-member of reality show lost a lot of weight. However, fat legs could not run to the end. Then the plastic surgeon refused to Irina in operation, as seen testimony. However, in may of this year, the star once again turned to the experts. After examining the swollen limbs Agibalova, the doctor concluded that liposuction is already needed to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. Agibalova explained that problems have arisen due to hormonal failure. “The fat trap” did not go anywhere, to do by a woman. The first surgery went well.

“In September I will have another liposuction – continues to Irina. – The fact that the workload is very large. It became clear during the ultrasound. Why Svetlana decided to do the surgery in two stages. The remains will be removed in the autumn, and while wearing a compression garment. But I’m very pleased. Husband noted that the legs become smoother. Thank God that there is such a doctor we can trust. I can’t wait when you see the final result. I think that by New year it will be! Can say that I feel much more confident”.
Ирина Агибалова впервые показала ноги после липосакции

In fact, fans have noticed that in relation to slim body Irina Alexandrova disproportionately full of feet. As a rule, she preferred to hide them under long skirts and dresses. But soon the suffering of celebuski come to an end. Especially now that appearance is a crucial part of the job. After all, she recently became the face of beauty, which she herself opened.

“For a long time, my subscribers will ask for advice, where and what procedures can be done, – told the “StarHit” star. I’m glad now they will come for me, to the proven masters. Now you can get a manicure, pedicure, hair treatments and face and massage”.