Victor Rybin accused Larisa Dolina theft

Виктор Рыбин обвинил Ларису Долину в воровстве The hero of the next episode, “hi, Andrew!” began the star, whose hits literally tore the country in 90-ies. Among them — the soloist of group “the dune” Victor Rybin. He told the audience in the Studio on a lengthy quarrel with Larisa Dolina.
Виктор Рыбин обвинил Ларису Долину в воровстве

A group of “dune” and its unwavering soloist of Victor Rybin rose to fame in the late ‘ 80s thanks to the song “Strana limoniya”, which still is the hallmark of a musical group. At the time, this song suddenly the fish was performed by Larisa Dolina. This was Viktor learned quite by accident.

“Well, now it so happened that because of this, we have for 10 years been in conflict with the Valley. Direct nonsense — today, fish says this with a smile. We, then, create a group of “dune” with Sergei Kutinym. He composes the song “Strana limoniya”, about which I said that we should “move the pace”, because it is very similar to a song by Status Quo “In the Army now”. Recorded this song in the Studio. Recorded. Who’s gonna sing? I said, “let’s try”. Then we never claimed to be soloists, we were in search of vocalists. I sang, demi Lovato sang. Something we didn’t like we left the recording Studio. After some time I turn on the program “Musical ring”, suddenly leading says: now Larisa Dolina will perform the song the young composer from DOLGOPRUDNOGO, Sergey Katin, called “the Country of lemons”. I dialed the phone Sergei, please explain the situation. “I don’t know, she took” — he said and hung up”.

Transfer came composer, businessman Sergey Katin. He rarely appears on television, but this time even canceled a business trip to Sweden to appear in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov and explain.

“We did not swear, I Valley “had a fight”. She makes me “scum” called,” said Rybin.
Виктор Рыбин обвинил Ларису Долину в воровстве

According to the composer, the Valley at the time, said Sergei with a grudge: “the Country of lemons” was written especially for her, and now sings it who got. Now all that remained of the past, the conflict between Viktor Rybin and Larisa Dolina settled peacefully.

We will remind, in 1999, Victor is married to singer Natalia Senchukova, the couple have a son Basil, who is a real looker. The 19-year-old Basil is a girl named Darya, and a short the day when he will tie the knot with sweetheart.

Brutal son Senchukova fish and delighted in the Network

Since then, as the lead singer of “dune” got a family, he began to lead a healthy lifestyle, so about alcoholic beverages and “the big hangover” she only sings in songs. The last time Rybin noticeably thinner: the artist managed to throw about 15 extra pounds.