Irina Agibalova complains of feeling

Ирина Агибалова жалуется на самочувствие The famous participant of “House-2” suffers from migraine. Irina Agibalova is going to undergo treatment. About the result she promised to tell the fans.

      Ирина Агибалова жалуется на самочувствие

      Fans of the famous celebuski, participants of the project “Dom-2”, Irina Agibalova seriously concerned about her health. Early this morning she posted a disturbing post about his health.

      “My second morning waking up early in the from migraine attacks. Of course, the pills will help, but I’m so tired of this. Yesterday was on reception at one guru of Tibetan medicine, promised after five treatments to completely heal me from my migraines,” – said Irina Aleksandrovna in the microblog.

      Celebrity said that the cause of the illness is stress. According to her, the doctor determined she had a clip of nerve endings in the occipital region. Irina Agibalova believed that severe headaches it can also be from problems with the spine.

      Irina Agibalova cure the tumor

      Fans of one of the most colorful member of the reality show “Dom-2” began to Express their concern for her health and wished effective treatment. “A chiropractor must! Gurus Your man is right says, all diseases of the nerves clamped. All good health!”.

      Moreover, in the comments, a heated discussion commenced treatment among those who suffers from such ailment. As it turned out, many fans are also trying to find a sure way to save yourself from severe headaches. Irina has said that he would like to share with the subscribers treatment results.

      Recall that last year Agibalov told about how she tries to maintain their own health. After her colleagues Svetlana Ustinenko was diagnosed with cancer of the brain, Irina decided to conduct a full examination of the body.

      “I thought I should be checked, as I am often prone to headaches. Went to the doctor and had tests, which showed that I have a lipoma of the interhemispheric fissure. Thank God it’s benign education… But close, of course, were in shock. If the lipoma starts to grow and press on parts of the brain, it is not known what this can lead. In addition, doctors cautioned that benign tumors tend to degenerate into malignant. Husband and daughters took himself in hand, began to cheer me. Every six months I go through an MRI, take pills, try not to get direct sunlight,” said to “StarHit” Agibalov.

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