Бывшая жена Александра Малинина рассказала об эликсире молодости
Olga Zarubina every day is the placenta of the deer.

Olga Zarubina

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Olga Zarubina 58 years old, but she looks much younger than her contemporaries. On her face
almost no wrinkles, and the shape of the star of the ‘ 90s can be the envy of 20-year-old girl. The singer does not hide your secret beauty
youth: every day Zarubina eats
…the placenta of the deer. “It contains female
the hormone estrogen, it is responsible for the preservation of youth and beauty, — says Olga. — It needs to be taken once a day

The placenta first frog and then a deer Zarubina
takes more than twenty years. “When
I lived in America, I went to the Chinese doctor. I was already after 40 years. About
he looked at me and said that I need to start eating it and shows
plain powder, — says Olga. — I was surprised, asking what it is.
It turned out that it’s the afterbirth of a frog. The taste is quite tasteless. Then he
also gave me the placenta of the deer. But there is
another placenta, which I tried — man.” Zarubina
no secret that good genes play a big role in her appearance and
health. As well as daily care and proper nutrition.

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