Шаляпин и Калашникова устроили романтическое путешествие накануне свадьбы The lovers decided to escape from cold Moscow. Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova have moved to Sochi. A couple enjoys each other’s company.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова устроили романтическое путешествие накануне свадьбы

      Soon Anna Kalashnikov and Prokhor Chaliapin will go for the crown. Solemn ceremony lovers are going to undertake on April 15. On the eve of important in their lives Anna and Prochorus decided to escape from Moscow’s cold weather and go on a romantic trip to Sochi.

      Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova will register double-relationship

      Judging by the numerous photos, beloved a great time together. They enjoy each other’s company, than don’t forget to regularly inform their fans on the social network. Dedicated fans are very happy that the couple is finally at peace and harmony after long quarrels and wrangling.

      “What a beautiful couple! As if created for each other! Happiness to You”, “you’re beautiful” – were not tired to comment on fans.

      By the way, the child of Anna and Prokhor stayed at home under the care of grandparents. I must say that not so long ago, Chaliapin and Kalashnikov celebrated the first birthday of his son. Little Daniel turned one. Parents arranged for the boy a real holiday and posted a photo. Fans were pleasantly surprised by this picture, because Anna and Prochorus rarely indulge followers with photos of his son. Told as young parents in one of the interviews, to show his son to the public they will be able only after the christening.

      Chaliapin son and Kalashnikova was a real hero

      I must say that not so long ago Prokhorov said that is very worried about the upcoming wedding. First of all, he is concerned about the financial aspect. Anna is more concerned about the many details of preparation. Now Kalashnikov and Chaliapin decide what style they will decorate the hall and what outfits will go under the crown. But one thing is clear for sure – all will be smothered in flowers.

      “The budget for a big party we have. We are poor artists. So are collecting donations for the wedding!” – said Chaliapin. However, the future spouses want to organize your wedding reception for 100-150 people.

      We will remind that last year the celebrity was going to tie the knot. But suddenly between them began to ignite quarrels and mutual claims. Now the lovers are determined at the beginning of March, they submitted an application to the Registrar. Anna was dressed in a white dress, and Prochorus dressed in a classic suit.

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