Paul McCartney played in the new “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Пол Маккартни сыграл в новых «Пиратах Карибского моря»

The former”beatle” Paul McCartney was replaced role and turned into a actor.

As it became known due to foreign tabloids, 73-year-old musician starring in the next part of the Saga “pirates of the Caribbean”.

The role of sir Paul kept secret. At the moment we only know that McCartney will be added to the film during installation, because the main filming has long been completed.

It is worth saying that for “pirates of the Caribbean” this is not the first experience of attracting superstars-musicians to the filming.

Earlier in the two previous parts of the franchise – “pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end” and “pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides” is played colleague McCartney – guitar Rolling Stones Keith Richards. Though his appearance in the movies decided not to do secret. Recall, Richards has embodied on the screen the father’s role of Jack Sparrow. By the way, with the whale johnny Depp borrowed some chips that have become an integral part of the image of a pirate, for example, gait.

Note, In the movie “pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales” except these two, also starred Geoffrey rush (as Barbossa), Javier Bardem (as the villain captain Salazar), and the franchise is back Orlando bloom in the role of will Turner. The film will premiere on may 26, 2017.

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